Q: What is Idaho Codes?

A: Idaho Codes is an online-based web and app development program for junior high and high school students.

Q: What do students learn in the program?

A: Students will take a course learning the foundations of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There are built-in quizzes, projects, and exams where students can apply their coding skills. Students also gain experience in project management, digital literacy, and quality assurance, among others.

Q: Do students need to have prior coding experience?

A: No! Students who have never coded before thrive in this program.

Q: What grade does a student need to be in to participate?

A: We encourage current 7th through 12th-grade students to register. 

Q: Idaho Codes is an "Online Program" - what does that mean?

A: Students who register for Idaho Codes complete the program from the comfort of their own home, or wherever they have a computer and internet connection. After registering, students will receive an email on how to access the curriculum platform known as DevCamp and how to get started.

Q: Is there a fee for Idaho Codes?

A: Yes, there is a $100 fee per student. The program is regularly $200, but an anonymous donor is generously covering half of the fee.

Q: After the fee is paid, what is included with the program?

A: Students get access to a 60-hour professional-grade curriculum, built-in instructional videos that are available 24/7, and online mentor support.​

Q: After completing Idaho Codes, is there a certificate or credit students can earn??

A: Students can earn up to one high school credit as well as one college credit for completing the curriculum. Idaho Codes is a launch point for students on a pathway into the digital economy, and we encourage students to look at various degrees and certificates in Computer Science.

Q: Where can students register?

A: Registration can found at


Q: As a student, will I receive high school credit for taking the Coding Foundations course through Idaho Codes?

A: Yes, once you have completed the course you will have a portfolio of work as well as a proficiency score and/or grade based on course completion. Please check with your local high school principal on the process of obtaining credit.

Q:  What State standards are in place to grant credit for this course?

A: A school can grant credit to high school students for completing the program through the mastery language in IDAPA A student may also achieve credit by demonstrating mastery of a subject’s content standards as defined and approved by their local school district or charter school.

Q: What is the policy for teachers relative to online courses?

A: Content can be taught virtually by a teacher who holds an Idaho certificate (either a standard instructional certificate or an interim certificate held by someone completing a non-traditional program, alternate authorization, or through the multi-state reciprocity agreement). In other words, the teacher needs to be a licensed Idaho educator.  

Q: What is the policy for overall instruction for online courses?

A: The content can be taught by an individual who does not have Idaho certification, however, the course must be supervised by someone with the applicable Idaho certification. The supervising teacher is entered as the teacher of record when reporting the course to the state. IDAPA 08.02.02 references an educator of record.


Q: What happens after a student registers for Idaho Codes?

A: Students will receive an automated confirmation to the "Student Email" they listed on their registration. Within 24 hours, two more emails will be sent. One email will be from "No-Reply-DevCamp" that has an activation link to access the curriculum platform called DevCamp. The other will come from with a computer set-up checklist to run the curriculum as well as next steps.

Q: What happens if the DevCamp and/or Next Steps email have not been received?

A: Email with your full name and let them know the email(s) have not been received.

Q: What does the student need to run the curriculum on their computer?

A: The curriculum can run on both PCs and Macs as well as desktops and laptops. The curriculum cannot run on a Chromebook. Students will need a few downloads and to access a few websites, all of which can be found in the Computer Set Up Checklist at

Have more questions about setting up? Check out the Idaho Codes Computer Set Up guide.

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